A Webcast From TripActions and Inc.

Tuesday, June 28‭, ‬2022  | ‬4:30‭ ‬pm‭ ‬ET‭ / ‬1:30‭ ‬PM‭ ‬PT

TripActions gathered responses from more than 1,500 finance leaders and uncovered this year’s challenges and priorities for expense management.

The survey identified the following three challenges as the most pressing that businesses face in expense management:

  1. Controlling budgets and ongoing expenses
  2. Reducing process inefficiencies and time to close the books
  3. Improving visibility of spend across the company

High-performing finance teams today are embracing automated expense management technologies to get better line of sight, control, and real-time visibility. 

Join this session to learn how finance teams can adopt modern finance solutions for better budgeting, increased compliance, and improved visibility—leading to significant time and cost savings for all parties involved. 

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