A Webcast from Thomson Reuters and Inc.

Wednesday‭, ‬June 16‭, ‬2021
‬1‭ ‬pm‭ ‬EDT‭ / ‬10‭ ‬AM‭ ‬PDT

Beyond the transition to remote work and shifting protocols in workplace operations and safety, the past year has also brought important changes to employment law. Changes in federal, state, and even local laws and regulations may pose new risks to employers.

Join Inc. and Thomson Reuters for an important briefing on the changes that may affect your company and how to manage them. Above and beyond just dealing with the new, post-COVID business landscape, the webinar will speak to other critical and current issues in business, including:

  • Vaccine mandates and protocols in the office
  • Remote worker issues and liability
  • New safety protocols
  • Critical steps in diversity, equity, and inclusion

This webcast may help you avoid costly noncompliance issues. Invest an hour of your time to help ensure that you’re adhering to the latest legal provisions designed to keep your employees safe. Register today.