A Webcast From TripActions and Inc.

Wednesday, August 17‭, ‬2022  | ‬3:00‭ ‬pm‭ ‬ET‭ / ‬12:00‭ ‬PM‭ ‬PT

Nobody can question the value of business travel. 

According to a study by Oxford Economics, for every dollar spent on business travel, companies see a return of $12.50. But business travel was curtailed during the height of the Covid pandemic, and revenue suffered as a result.

But the world is opening up again and companies that re-embrace business travel are the ones most likely to succeed. We all know the benefits of business travel, but what are the downsides?

If there is one downside common to all business travel, it is managing T&E expenses.

This webinar will focus on strategies for resuming business travel, including safety issues, but will also speak to ways businesses can better manage T&E expenses and reconciling these expenses.

At the heart of the webinar will be a discussion of modernizing your expense management systems. Modernization is the key to efficiency, cost savings, and control. 

This panel will speak to the importance of business travel, strategies for traveling effectively and safely, and, finally, how best to deal with T&E expenses and reporting.

Topics to be covered include:

•    Costs incurred with traditional reporting
•    Error levels with traditional reporting
•    The pain points of traditional reporting
•    The negative impact of traditional reporting
•    The technologies driving modern T&E
•    T&E: Automated reconciliation
•    Visibility into spends
•    Insights from spends

This one-on-one lively discussion will be moderated by Abigail Bassett and will feature Brittany Covert, senior revenue accounting manager at Twitch, formerly finance controller at Syapse and finance controller at Sendoso.