A Webinar from Salesforce and Inc.

Thursday, March 3‭, ‬2022  | ‬11:00‭ ‬Am‭ ‬PT‭ / ‬2:00‭ ‬PM‭ ‬ET

Beneath the relationship between sales and finance, there’s tension. Sales wants speed. Finance wants accuracy. It seems like a standoff that will never end.

Enter RevOps.

Join us for a panel on Revenue Operations (RevOps)—why it matters and how it works. We’ll hear from a finance leader and a sales leader who used RevOps to come together, build a customer-centric revenue model, and grow the business from there.

Meredith Schmidt, Executive Vice President of Salesforce Revenue Cloud, invented RevOps as we know it. She will share the tactics and benefits of connecting every touchpoint in the revenue lifecycle, from product to cash. Then, Jennifer Lagaly, Executive Vice President of Salesforce, will share how RevOps has opened new paths to sales growth.

What you’ll learn:
●    The differences between low maturity and high maturity RevOps teams 
●    How RevOps helps build customer relationships and delivers more predictable revenue
●    How Salesforce built RevOps for themselves, and how you can too —one step at a time