Essential Accounting Lessons From Years of Serving the SMB Community

Wednesday, September 23‭
1 PM EDT / 10 AM PDT

As a small business owner, your focus is on building a business and don’t like being bothered with the mundane and boring tasks related to financial administration and accounting.

We understand! These tedious tasks take hours away from your day and hamper your ability to focus on the things you do best. We also know that many SMBs wish they had access to the kind of data and actionable insights that big businesses typically use to get that competitive advantage. The great news is that you can! But you have some work to do first…

This webinar is designed to identify and discuss these challenges and pain points and to explore alternatives to the way your business is currently managing its finances, from bookkeeping to invoicing, and from data management to reporting. You’ll leave the webinar with:

  • Concrete steps to take to wrangle your financial data

  • Insights into how to analyze and organize your data

  • Direction for turning data insights into business initiatives