A collection of professional resources to support your brand purpose.  

We are Northwell— We are more than 79,000 people looking at health care differently. We are many things, but every day we are one thing: dedicated to the community. Learn More

Purpose Power Index™ — The Purpose Power Index™ is the first empirical measure of companies that activate purpose to drive business transformation and positive change in our communities. Learn More

Truist Financial Corporation —At Truist, our purpose inspires how we innovate and drives how we create better experiences for our clients. It guides how we build stronger communities. And it’s both how we measure our success and the standard we hold ourselves to every day. Learn More

Strawberry Frog — StrawberryFrog’s original approach, Movement Thinking™ is a strategic framework for activating brand purpose, connecting to culture, and driving business growth. Learn More

Activate Brand Purpose — Award-winning book, Activate Brand Purpose teaches leaders how to galvanize people, transform company culture and grow their business while making a positive impact in our communities and world. Learn More

The Power of Purpose— A collection of articles published by Inc. focusing on topics related to businesses who focus on purpose to drive positive change for people, the planet and prosperity. Read on for More.