Presented by Oracle NetSuite

February 23‭, ‬2022  | ‬2:00‭ ‬pm‭ ‬ET‭ / ‬11:00‭ ‬AM‭ ‬PT

Covid has necessitated business leaders to be flexible, bold, innovative, and humble. The events of the past two years have seen some leaders struggle, while others have embraced innovation and taken advantage of the opportunities presented by the pandemic.

Covid isn’t going away, so leaders shouldn’t be preparing for a post-Covid world. Instead, they should be building the infrastructures that allow for the kinds of adaptability needed to thrive in today’s reality: endemic as opposed to pandemic.

In this webinar, panelists will discuss ways to build infrastructures that encourage engagement, innovation, and motivation. They also will discuss their personal Covid journeys and speak specifically about what has worked for their companies and what hasn’t—and what changes they have made to their organizations, products, and services that have allowed them to thrive.