A Webcast from Thomson Reuters and Inc.

Wednesday‭, ‬July 8‭, ‬2020
‬3‭ ‬pm‭ ‬EDT‭ / ‬12‭ ‬pm‭ ‬PDT

From choosing a form of organization to protecting themselves from lawsuits, business owners face a host of legal issues. And, in the wake of the Covid-19 outbreak, business owners face new legal issues and questions. Some may be obvious, but others are not. And the cost of hiring an attorney to answer important questions can be prohibitive.

This fast-paced, fact-packed, webinar will give participants an overview of key legal issues and how to best deal with them. Moderated by small business expert Anita Campbell and featuring three Thomson Reuters subject-matter experts, the webinar will explore common and emerging legal obligations and obstacles business owners face today. You’ll walk away with an overview of some of the most pressing legal issues facing businesses in today’s climate, including:

  • How the pandemic affects common contract clauses, including force majeure, auditing, and material adverse changes
  • The legal implications of reopening in the age of Covid-19
  • Reevaluating agreements with outside counsel and taking advantage of the opportunities presented by legal talent made available as a result of the pandemic
  • Diversity and inclusion in a changing political climate  

The webcast panel will also introduce Thomson Reuters's Practical Law offering, and attendees will be given access to free resources designed to address many of the legal issues they face while dealing with Covid-19 and its aftermath.

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