Make sure you and your employees are protected and empowered as your business re-opens in the era of COVID-19 and your office is ready for any other unexpected challenges.

Tuesday‭, ‬August 11‭ / 12‭ pm pt

Thanks to COVID-19, there is no such thing as business as usual anymore. As California businesses look to reopen, they must deal with staffing and HR issues, compliance with a host of new laws and regulations, and address the physical, emotional and psychological fallout from the pandemic.

Business leaders must also be preparing today for potential new outbreaks and find ways to build flexibility and resiliency into their business models.

Join Sarah Grimstead, Insperity’s Los Angeles-based Regional Vice President and Eric Johnson, a partner at California-based GNT Solutions for a compelling discussion of today’s unique and challenging business climate, moderated by managing editor, Lindsay Blakely.

What You'll Learn:

  • The new regulatory landscape for California businesses

  • Rethinking the workplace for safety and productivity

  • Building and maintaining a positive company culture in the COVID-era

  • Best practices preparing for spikes and new waves of outbreaks

  • Shifts in the talent landscape following the pandemic outbreak