A Webcast Presented By Verizon & AWS

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It seems like everyone is talking about the potential of 5G and edge computing. These technologies could be game changers for market-leading companies, but the challenge comes in determining where to integrate them into your strategic roadmap. From advances in manufacturing and logistics to new media and entertainment experiences and the Internet of Things, 5G and edge computing can help businesses improve efficiency in their operations, and provide new and better customer experiences.

In this V-Talk, led by a FastCo Works/Inc. Studio moderator, Verizon and AWS experts will explain the benefits of combining the high-bandwidth, low-latency and reliability of Verizon’s 5G Ultra Wideband network and 5G Edge platform with the broad range of advanced cloud services from AWS to deliver innovative 5G applications and next-generation user experiences. Participants will walk away with a solid understanding of:

  • The basics of 5G and edge computing and how they’re being applied today
  • How to innovate and build applications that can make a difference in your company’s efficiency and the experience you provide to your customers
  • How these technologies are evolving and what the future holds

The expert panelists will also share real-world use cases of enterprise companies that have used Verizon 5G Edge and AWS Wavelength to develop innovative applications across multiple industries.

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