Being a business owner means having to innovate constantly and navigate change. So Inc., in partnership with Capital One Business, wants to help you figure out Your Next Move. Join Melissa Butler, CEO of The Lip Bar, a boundary-breaking beauty brand proudly founded by women of color. Butler, in conversation with our small-business host, Beatrice Dixon, founder of the feminine care brand The Honey Pot Company, will share lessons from her entrepreneurial journey, including how she handled frustration after appearing on Shark Tank and used to it as motivation to launch the brand from her own kitchen. Since then, through her game changing business, Butler says she's been on a mission to change the definition of beauty. Discover ways to think differently about the power of representation and leading in a bold way.

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Melissa Butler
Founder and CEO, The Lip Bar
Beatrice Dixon
Co-founder and CEO, The Honey Pot Company

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