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  • Welcome Remarks
  • Networking & Connections
  • One-on-one Conversation with Jamie Siminoff and Beatrice Dixon

Your Next Move is back! Join us in Los Angeles for an evening of cocktails and one-on-one conversation with Jamie Siminioff , founder and chief innovator, Ring. 

At this exclusive event, hear Siminoff discuss his entrepreneurial and founding journey, why failure isn’t in his vocabulary and his commitment to invention and re-invention. Failing often seems like the ending. But for most entrepreneurs, it’s just the beginning. Jamie Siminoff prefers to think of these moments as key learnings, having experienced it firsthand when he “lost” on Shark Tank for pitching his idea for a Wi-Fi enabled video doorbell. He eventually went on to sell his company Ring to Amazon and 10 years since launching that first home security product, is still innovating an industry.

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Beatrice Dixon
Co-founder and CEO, The Honey Pot Company
Jamie Siminoff
Founder and Chief Inventor, Ring

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