Disruption just doesn't cause a single change. It has the power to create a ripple effect that radiates outward and results in full-blown transformation. That domino effect is something trailblazing self-made entrepreneurs Cindy Eckert and Laura Modi have seen, experienced and epitomized in their career journeys. Eckert, now the founder of The Pink Ceiling, previously sold two billion-dollar companies, including the first company to offer the first FDA-approved “female Viagra.” Modi is a high-powered former executive at Airbnb and Google who left it all behind to start Bobbie, the only female-founded and mom-led organic infant formula company in the country. Hear both of their inspiring stories and what it's taught them about disruption and perseverance.

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Cindy Eckert
founder, The Pink Ceiling
Laura Modi
co-founder and CEO, Bobbie
Beatrice Dixon
Co-founder and CEO, The Honey Pot Company

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