ShoulderUp WOWS, LLC and AVC Productions, LLC (collectively, Producers) seek a diverse group of entrepreneurs (Applicants) to appear as contestants in the television series, Women of Wall Street (Show). By making a casting submission for the Show (Application) the Applicant agrees to accept and be bound by the following Terms and Conditions, as amended from time to time in the sole discretion of the Producers:


Applicant Eligibility Requirements.

  1. Applicant must be an individual at least eighteen (18) years of age.
  2. Applicant must be a founding owner of a company.
  3. Neither Applicant nor any of their immediate family members nor anyone living in their household may currently be an employee, officer or director of any of the following entities, their parent companies, subsidiaries, affiliates or related entities: (a) ShoulderUp WoWS, LLC; (b) AVC Productions, LLC; (c) Mansueto Ventures LLC; (d) Paramount Global including any of Paramount Global’s brands listed at https://www.paramount.com/brands; (e) Nasdaq, Inc; (f) any entity participating in the Show as a business challenge sponsor, pitch coach sponsor, or innovation suite sponsor; (g) any entity associated with a judge on the Show; or (h) any entity owned or controlled by any of (a) through (g) above.
  4. Applicant must at all times be authorized to legally (a) work in the United States; and (b) participate in the Show.
  5. The Producers have the sole discretion to render ineligible any person who, in the sole discretion of the Producers, is sufficiently acquainted with any person or entity connected with the development, production or distribution of the Show that their participation in the Show could create the appearance of impropriety.
  6. The determination of an Applicant’s eligibility for the Show is at the sole discretion of the Producers.
  7. The Producers retain the right to change eligibility requirements at any time.


Submission Materials.         

  1. Applicant shall answer all questions on the Applicant Questionnaire to the best of their abilities.
  2. All information provided on the Applicant Questionnaire shall be truthful and accurate in all material respects. 
  3. In addition to the Applicant Questionnaire, the Applicant shall submit one (1) video (Applicant Video) and the financial information for the Applicant’s business (Applicant Financials).
  4. Applicant Video Specifications:
  • three (3) to four (4) minutes in duration;
  • professional shooting and/or editing not required;
  • accessible via Vimeo or YouTube URL;
  • introduce the Producer to key personnel and others who contribute to the success of Applicant’s business;
  • include a brief tour of Applicant’s workplace, facility and/or home office;
  • showcase how the Applicant’s product(s) work and/or who the Applicant’s service(s) benefit;
  • showcase Applicant’s creativity, personality, and energy;
  • show Applicant speaking from the heart, looking into the lens and selling themselves, their company and their mission;
  • explain and/or demonstrate what makes Applicant’s entrepreneurial story unique and how the Applicant is blazing a trail in Applicant’s industry;
  • share their story and convince the Producers that they are the next Woman of Wall Street.
  1. The content of any documents and/or materials submitted in connection with the Applicant’s application, including but not limited to the Applicant Questionnaire, the Applicant Video and the Applicant Financials (collectively, Submission Materials) and the trademarks and other content incorporated therein shall be original to the Applicant and/or wholly owned by the Applicant and/or identified as third party material that does not violate (a) copyright or other intellectual property rights of any third party based on a written license to Applicant from the owner of the third party material; or (b) the publicity or privacy rights of any third party. The Submission Materials shall not violate any obscenity, defamation or other civil or criminal laws.
  2. The Applicant is responsible for retaining a copy of the Submission Materials submitted in connection with the Application. By submitting the Submission Materials, the Applicant thereby grants the Producers and Mansueto Ventures LLC an exclusive, perpetual, royalty-free license, to be exercised in the Producers’ sole discretion to (a) use (or refrain from using) the Submission Materials in the Show, in promotional materials, ads or interstitials related to the Show, on the Show website, social media and other marketing campaigns and activities associated with the Show; and to (b) copy, edit, distribute, retain or destroy the Submission Materials.
  3. Applicant Financials Specifications:
  • Year-end filings for 2020 and 2021
  • Earnings before interest, taxes, depreciation and amortization “EBITDA” for 2020 and 2021 year-end filings.
  • To be submitted in a single pdf or Microsoft Word (.docx) document.
  • Submission of the Application is automatically deemed consent to (a) review of Applicant Financials by the accounting firm designated by the Producers for this purpose (Application CPAs); and background check conducted by the Application CPAs.
  1. Applicant consents to the privacy policies of Mansueto Ventures LLC and Application CPAs in connection with the retention and use of the Submission Materials. 
  2. Submission Materials are not confidential and no confidential or fiduciary relationship is intended or created by submitting an Application.
  3. The Producers may receive similar or identical information to that contained in Applicant’s Submission Materials from third parties and no such similarity shall give rise to any claim for compensation, credit or otherwise.
  4. By submitting the Application, Applicant agrees as follows:
  • The Producers and their respective directors, officers, employees, licensees, successors, heirs and assigns are hereby released by Applicant, their heirs and assigns from any and all claims relating to the Application, or from the misdirection, mis-delivery or loss of the Application or associated email or other correspondence that Applicant may send to the Producers.
  • Applicant shall not be entitled to any monetary or non-monetary compensation or credit in connection with the Application, the Submission Materials or the appearance on the Show if applicable, and that the opportunity of being considered by the Producers for participation in the Show is good and sufficient consideration for the rights granted and waivers made in connection with the Application.
  • The Producers are not liable for any Submission Materials that are lost, damaged, or incomplete.
  • In the event of a dispute, entries will be deemed to have been made by the authorized account holder of the email address cited on the Application.


Applicant / Founder Obligations upon Selection.

  1. Applicants selected for a virtual interview must be available for a video call with the casting team for the Show (Video Call). Selection of an Applicant for a Video Call is no guarantee of selection for participation in the Show.
  2. Applicants who are selected for the Show (Founders) must be available for at least one (1) full shoot day on location at the Founder’s place of business and/or home during the month of August 2022 or at such other designated dates and times as the Producers may determine.
  3. Founders must be available for no less than one (1) and no more than two (2) weekends during the month of October 2022, or such other designated dates and times as the Producers may determine, to film at the Nasdaq MarketSite in Times Square, New York, New York.
  4. Founders shall be solely responsible for any and all airfare, ground transportation, accommodations, other travel, wardrobe, hair & makeup (except during Nasdaq shoots) and other expenses associated with participation in the Show.
  5. Founders shall execute an appearance release and any other documentation reasonably requested by the Producers and/or network as a condition of appearing on the Show.
  6. Founders will be required to agree in writing to adhere to any and all COVID-19 and other health and safety policies and protocols that the Producer may require.
  7. Winners of the Show are solely responsible for compliance with all applicable federal, state and local tax laws associated with the receipt of their prize.