Nobody was prepared for a crisis quite like COVID-19. While we may not have been prepared, businesses are continually working to survive (and even thrive) and the most successful tend to have two things in common: they’ve learned from past failures, and are able to change quickly and effectively.

Join Inc. for a timely discussion presented by Vari. We will look at how business leaders are dealing with adversity and providing the kinds of leadership needed to offer employees the best possible work experience that allows them to be as engaged, collaborative, productive and as happy as possible.

Obviously, there are challenges, detours and missteps, but this webinar will present Founders & CEOs telling the stories of how they’ve bounced back from adversity and are successfully navigating these challenging times.

Moderated by award-winning innovator Shonali Burke, this lively discussion will explore how businesses have employed flexibility to keep their business going strong through these turbulent times. These company founders will share lessons learned along their entrepreneurial journeys and how that helped them prepare for and face the current crisis.

Conversation will touch on how to:

●    Building a business that can withstand change and crisis
●    The ability to stay nimble and be able to adjust on the fly
●    Building and maintaining a strong culture that will weather a storm–and why that’s so important.  

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Jason McCan
Co-founder & CEO, Vari
David Freedman
Co-Founder, Freestar
Brian Summers
Field Marketing Manager, Dell Technologies Mid-Market Infrastructure Solutions
Melinda Emerson
Author, Fix Your Business & Host, The Smallbizchat Podcast

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