What is Web3? (and Why It’s Important for Your Business) With Inc. Master Tony Scherba

Wednesday, January 12, 2022, 2:00 PM - 3:00 PM ET

Web3 is actively breaking down barriers to finance and fundamentally changing the way we deal with money (and all forms of property) online. This technology has evolved to create a new form of ownership, not just of money, but also of organizations, art, all forms of digital property, and even historical artifacts.

What business owners really need to be paying attention to is the application layer being developed on web3, as it will inevitably impact many businesses in the future. 

It’s like when smartphones got apps. At first these apps were mostly just games, but they introduced new ways to do things with our phones. Web3 is the app layer of blockchain and is introducing new ways we will use the internet.

In this introduction to web3 for business owners, we’ll discuss:

• How web3 works (in a way you can actually understand)
• The opportunities web3 creates
• Some of the current, most popular use cases
• And more

At the end, we’ll open it up for a quick Q and A with Tony so you can ask him all your web3 questions and walk away with a good grasp of the technology and why you should care. 

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