Inc. Masters: The Art of Preventing Stupid

Thursday, December 17, 2020, 11:00 AM - 12:00 PM

What can you do when flying by the seat of your pants is too uncertain, but the alternative seems to choke innovation and flexibility? You can't just keep working people harder; you need a lig

Matthew Neill Davis is the author of the book The Art of Preventing Stupid, and founder and managing partner of Davis Law, PLLC, a firm dedicated to helping ambitious business owners become rock-star entrepreneurs.

During this session, Davis will teach you how to build an effective risk management system by learning how to efficiently and systematically prevent against threats, and eliminate distractions and problems that compromise your performance. In a world where businesses regularly fail to deal with obvious threats to their goals, Matthew maintains that “Prevention is Direction.”

Davis delivers with an efficient, cost effective way to accomplish these ends as he teaches business owners to build their Business Immune System™ (BIS). The results for business that implement the BIS include fewer distracting problems, more effective and confident management and finally increased profitability.


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