Get peer support, advice, and mojo from proven fast-growth entrepreneurs

As part of your Inc. Masters membership, you can launch a peer-to-peer coaching pod with likeminded fast-growth entrepreneurs who won’t let you fail. Your guide: Entrepreneur coach Keith Ferrazzi. Here’s how it works.

Co-Elevate: Ferrazzi calls his one-of-a-kind "Co-Elevate" coaching experience a new leadership "super-tool." Co-Elevate pods solve problems, share victories, create unparalleled bonds, and propel each other to reach new levels of personal and professional growth. 

Kickoff Week: Join Inc. Masters for a virtual three-part intro to Ferrazzi’s peer group 5-5-5 method. In a launch week, we will set up the following: Monday coach session and pod meeting (90 minutes); Wednesday coach Q&A (60 minutes); Friday coach session and pod meeting (90 minutes).

Peer Pods: Inc. places Inc. Masters into five-person pods. The members will hail from similar company sizes but diverse industries and regions. 

Ongoing Commitment: The first Thursday of every month, Inc. Masters pods will convene virtually and break off for a 60-minute session. Ferrazzi or someone from his coaching team will drop in.