A webinar from TriNet and Inc.

  Thursday, January 27, 2022| 2:00 PM ‬EDT‭ 

Compensation planning is critical for small and medium-size businesses (SMBs) in a normal labor market, but especially so now as we experience fundamental changes in workforce trends. With an accelerated shift to a hybrid workforce – 44% of workers want a hybrid model  – and a continued focus on equitable pay, it is important for SMBs to understand how they can engage workers and stay competitive. 

In this webinar moderated by Inc. and in discussion with TriNet and Salary.com compensation experts, you’ll hear about the impact of a shifting workforce on pay trends and what you should consider as you re-evaluate compensation strategies for your business in 2022.

Learn about: 

  • How the great resignation and a job seeker’s market is driving reassessment of compensation
  • Sustained impact of hybrid workforce on pay practices, particularly with remote work and geographically distributed workers
  • How compensation can support DE&I in a sustainable way
  • How to develop a compensation philosophy that aligns with your business strategy and culture