Facilitated Networking

So often in business, it IS who you know. Find your next champion, partner, customer or kindred spirit at our facilitated networking huddles. To ensure absolute relevance, we poll attendees prior to measure the pulse of their desired meet and greets. 

Sign up in advance for these scheduled sessions that are devised to amplify your professional network, fine-tune your area of expertise, conquest new business, exchange intelligence and boost your creativity.

Industry Meet-Ups

Talk shop among your field's peers to compare notes, debate trends and chat current best practices. These casual meet ups will leave you with a valuable and veritable "crowd-sourced" point-of-view as to the state of your industry.

Marketplace Networking

Enter, immerse, and interact within our vendor bazaar that employs multiplayer technology for a visceral experience within a virtual world. 

Mingle with other conference attendees and tune in or add to live conversations while easily exchaning contact details. Then stroll along the main street landscape and discover our sponsors' inventive engagements.