1:30 PM - 2:00 PM

Automating Benefits: How AI Reimagines the Landscape of HR

Presented by TriNet

Featuring Michael Mendenhall, senior vice president, CMO, and CCO, TriNet; Guy Benjamin, co-founder and CEO, Healthee
Moderated by Abigail Bassett, Inc. Custom Studio

While fast emerging as an essential tool across the modern workforce, AI is also opening new lanes in the health and welfare of workers up and down the ranks. Joining forces to advance these solutions, TriNet and Healthee are setting industry standards with AI technology that put employee benefits back into employee hands. In this forward-looking panel, TriNet SVP, CMO, and CCO Michael Mendenhall joins Healthee co-founder and CEO Guy Benjamin to discuss the power of automation and personalization in the HR field — and the possibilities for the future of benefits as AI innovation continues.

Guy Benjamin Michael Mendenhall Abigail Bassett