A Webcast From Fidelity Investments and Inc.

Wednesday, October 26‭, ‬2022  | ‬2:00‭ ‬pm‭ ‬ET‭ / ‬11:00‭ ‬AM‭ ‬PT

The workforce and workplace in post-pandemic America have transformed tremendously. Employees’  expectations have evolved, especially when it comes to workplace benefits and prioritization of their own well-being. Research shows they are now turning to their employers for support on their journey to financial wellness. This webinar will explore new options of which small business owners can take advantage to help attract and retain top talent, empower employees to save for retirement, and secure their own financial future. 

The webinar, led by Inc. moderator Lilian Ajayi-Ore, will feature thought leaders from Fidelity Investments who will share insights on the small business retirement landscape and industry trends that are shaping retirement offerings today. Kirsten Hunter Peterson, Vice President of Thought Leadership at Fidelity will speak on shifting trends in the workforce. Helena Thatcher, Head of Acquisition, Fidelity Advantage 401(k), will address one of the industry’s newest retirement solutions, the Pooled Employer Plan (PEP), which is designed specifically for small businesses. The webinar will also feature a compelling testimonial from the owners of BC Holdings, speaking about their decision to offer a retirement savings benefit and their success with a Pooled Employer Plan.

Topics to be covered include:


  • The evolving workplace and employee expectations 
  • The ‘retirement coverage gap’ and its impact on small businesses 
  • What you need to know about Pooled Employer Plans (PEPs), a new-to-the-industry type of 401(k) plan designed specifically for small businesses
  • Introduction to Fidelity’s Pooled Employer Plan, Fidelity Advantage 401(k) 
  • A powerful client testimonial from Fidelity Advantage 401(k) clients, BC Holdings, about their decision to offer a retirement savings benefit and the impact it has had on their business