As the world grapples with Covid-19, scammers are now taking the opportunity to dupe unsuspecting people into revealing their sensitive information so that they can steal their money. Hacking is up 4X since the start of the pandemic, and a total of $10 million has been lost in the U.S. alone. Small businesses are especially under attack, as working at home increases their cyber vulnerability and lowers the likelihood that they can detect intrusions. To reduce risk, business leaders and employees should listen and stay alert; monitor inbound internet connections; pay close attention to mail server access; and investigate any employee computer screens that begin flashing, as it could be a sign of hackers. Join Inc. for this informative virtual event featuring industry experts and founders that will help small-business leaders and entrepreneurs prevent cybersecurity threats during this crisis and beyond.

Valarian Couch
CISO, AGB Innovative Security Solutions
Adam Hunt
CTO and chief data scientist, RiskIQ
Phyllis Newhouse
founder and CEO, Xtreme Solutions, Inc.; and founder, ShoulderUp

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