The Editors' List FAQs

What is The Editors’ List & why are we doing it?
The Inc.’s Best Workplaces Editors’ List will showcase the companies that are not only a best workplace but are taking it a step further, pushing the boundaries and building a workplace of the future. We want to showcase the best of the best. This is a chance for you to tell our editors in your own words what makes your company great.


How is it different from what the Best Workplaces Award already is?
The Inc. Best Workplaces list is created in partnership with Quantum Workplace based on your employee feedback. For The Editors’ List, entries will be evaluated exclusively by Inc.'s editors. The honorees will be featured online.

Are there qualifications for this?
You must be a Best Workplaces applicant and must add The Editors’ List consideration to your application.

Is there a separate application for The Editors' List?

There is not a separate application for The Editors' List. However if you select to be included there are 2 additional application questions you'll need to answer:

  • In your own words, tell us your story about how your workplace culture has changed over the past few years.
  • Where is workplace culture headed in the future and what is your company doing right now to get there?

Is there a fee to be considered for The Editors' List?

Yes, there is a separate fee for The Editors' List as it is an enormous editorial undertaking. Please see the rate schedule below: 

Early Rate Deadline: 1/10/19  ($195)
Regular Rate Deadline: 2/7/2019 ($245)
Late Rate Deadline: 2/14/19 ($345)
Final Application Deadline: 2/14/19

How are The Editors’ List companies selected?
The companies chosen for the Editor’s list will be at the discretion of the editorial team. They’ll be reviewing applications in their entirety.

Can my company still be included on the Best Workplaces list if we don’t apply for The Editors’ List?