4:20 PM - 5:00 PM
Session Name

The Path to Purpose: How Company Culture and Your Brand Creates Customer Loyalty
Speaker: Michael Mendenhall, senior vice president, CMO, and CCO, TriNet
Presented by TriNet PeopleForceX


In the startup world, competition can be fierce for everything from new clients to securing funding. The key to distinguishing yourself comes down to finding your purpose, creating an authentic and meaningful culture, and staying true to your brand. This helps your company stay true to its mission while acting as a beacon for customers, suppliers, and the right talent to find you.

In this discussion, learn how to identify and understand the importance of your purpose, culture, and brand promise—and weave it into an authentic narrative that attracts and retains the talent that will help your business thrive. A key takeaway will underscore why getting these foundational elements right can help your business have greater longevity.

Michael Mendenhall