4:20 PM - 5:00 PM
Session Name

Accelerating Success: Insights From the Fastest-Growing Companies in the Southwest
Speakers: Nehal Kaiser, CEO, Blue Hammer Roofing; Kimberly Olson, founder and CEO, Goal Digger Girl Co.; Graham Greytak, founder and CEO, HireRising


Hearing from and learning how other entrepreneurs continually surpass their own revenue records can provide a sense of possibility and be a powerful motivator. We talk to some of these trailblazing business innovators who are featured in the March issue of Inc. magazine about their off-the-charts growth. By studying their success, you can apply their approaches to your business.

However, expanding too quickly can also bring problems and risks, such as burn out, cash-flow challenges, quality maintenance pressures, and issues with scalability. You’ll learn how to manage these risks and create a balanced approach if blazing growth is your top priority.

Nehal Kaiser Kimberly Olson Graham Greytak