Full Name
Jacob Pechenik
Job Title
Co-founder and CEO
Lettuce Grow
Speaker Bio
Jacob Pechenik is a passionate entrepreneur who’s built a career around questioning and improving the status quo. Upon graduating from MIT with a BS in chemical engineering, Jacob founded and led TechTrader, an early web-based B2B supply chain platform, followed by the development and launch of YellowJacket Software, a peer-to-peer derivatives trading platform supporting a broad spectrum of segments (from weather and energy to agriculture) in 2004.

In 2011, he set his sights on the film industry, founding Venture Forth, a film, finance, and production company focused on high-quality and impact-driven independent films. His dedication to innovation and socially constructive disruption led to the co-founding in 2017 of the Farm Project, a public benefit corporation on a mission to transform our food system, and Lettuce Grow, an altruistic initiative that aims to reconnect people with their food. Today, Jacob remains committed to delivering healthy, sustainable harvests to every home and enabling Americans to have healthier connections with our planet.
Jacob Pechenik