Full Name
Kathryn Finney
Job Title
Founder and managing general partner
Genius Guild
Speaker Bio
Kathryn Finney is the founder and managing general partner of Genius Guild, a $20 million venture fund that builds and invests in scalable companies led by diverse founders.

She is also the founder of the Doonie Fund, the founder and past CEO of Digitalundivided, mastermind of the widely acclaimed #ProjectDiane research, and a Yale-trained epidemiologist.

Selling her lifestyle company, the Budget Fashionista, made Finney one of the first Black women to have a successful startup exit. Her new book, Build the Damn Thing: How to Start a Successful Business if You're Not a Rich White Guy, launches in the summer of 2022. You can catch her Build the Damn Thing podcast on all major platforms.
Kathryn Finney